To Vogue or not to Vogue?

While growing up most of us have this idea of what we want to be when we grow up. Some dream of becoming a lawyer, others want to have a sport career or art or business. Ever since I remember I wanted to be a journalist. Not any kind of journalist, but one that works… Continue reading To Vogue or not to Vogue?


One feminist t-shirt please

Strolling around various stores you probably noticed one trend. Slogan t-shirts. But not the usual ones with not-so-funny-funny slogans. The feminist kind. Words like "girl power", "females are strong", "the future is female" and the ever famous "we should all be feminist" are everywhere and the amount of sudden feminist apparel in stores got me… Continue reading One feminist t-shirt please


To infinity and beyond! Travel Bucket List 2017

Ever once in a while most of us have those 'I am buying a plane ticket to the other side of the world' kind of moments. Or days. Or weeks. Or years. Even though, this feeling very often means we are running away from something in life, sometimes it's good  to simply get out. Go… Continue reading To infinity and beyond! Travel Bucket List 2017